Field Status

  • High Street: CLOSED
  • No Pets Allowed at Any Field



At North Attleboro Soccer Club we want to provide a positive soccer experience to as many kids as possible. We offer opportunities for kids from Kindergarten through high school and from beginners to advanced players.

Helpful tips:

  • Register online and on time to avoid late fees – because of the large size of our program, we need a lot of time for our volunteers to run tryouts and organize teams before the start of the season. This means registration deadlines come up sooner than you think, so mark your calendars.
  • Bookmark this site – you can easily check our home page to see if your field is closed due to weather before you get wet. Your team will also have a password-protected page on this site with the schedule and other team-specific information.
  • "LIKE" us on facebook.  We try to update  both the webpage & Facebook at the same time.
  • Check your email – most of our communications are sent via email (including registration reminders). If we don’t have the right email for you and/or your spouse, you may miss an important update.
  • Try on those cleats before the first practice –check that equipment fits and is in good condition before the season starts. (Academy player can play in sneakers, but they still need shin guards).
  • Play soccer together – even if you’re unfamiliar with soccer, your kids get the most out of actually playing with the ball, so get out there and kick the ball around. It's a great way to spend time together!
  • Sportsmanship applies to parents too – everyone is responsible for maintaining good behavior on and off the fields and showing respect when dealing with other parents, players, coaches, and referees. Your positive example is vital to a positive experience for all. Review policies here.
  • Get involved – we always need help with coaching, coordinating age groups, fundraising, and planning fundraisers—just let us know your interests. [Volunteer Opportunities]
  • Keep in touch – we welcome your input at any time, but it's also important to fill out the survey at the end of each season. Your feedback guides our future decisions.

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